How to Make an Expansive Backyard Functional and Beautiful

Having an outdoor space is something that is often a pretty big priority for homeowners. The ability to relax outdoors in your own private oasis, have room for the kids to run around, and just enjoy nature is something that can even feel like it enhances your quality of life. But for all the desire to have that big beautiful backyard, once your dream comes true and you have an expansive space, what to do with it can feel overwhelming.

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If you have a massive backyard that is lacking in personality, function, and purpose, then it’s time to start looking at it with a designer’s eye, and these tips will help you do just that.

Create Zones in the Backyard

One problem that homeowners can have with an expansive yard space is that it lacks that cozy vibe. It just seems to sprawl on and on with no sense of purpose. This is when it can be quite helpful to break up the space into designated zones, as this will give purpose to the space.

Zones can include a cooking and dining area (outdoor kitchen), a sitting/entertaining area, and even a play area for the kids. If you are into outdoor sports, you can even create activity zones such as a volleyball net, a paved area for playing basketball, and so forth.

In order to make it clear where each zone starts and stops, you can get creative with the materials you use. Take, for example, a playground area that you want to build for the kids. You can take a tip from playgrounds and use decomposed granite as the surface of the playground, as this will set very clear borders for the zone.

Plant a Number of Gardens

Another way to warm up the space, give it personality, and have it feel a bit more cohesive is to plant a number of gardens. This is a bit less intimidating than one big garden, especially if you don’t consider yourself much of a gardener.

Use Pathways to Connect Zones

Pathways are another trick to make an expansive backyard feel more cohesive. You can connect all those different zones using pathways made from material like paving stones or slabs. Just be sure to also install exterior lighting along the pathway so it is accessible in the evening hours as well.

A Deck or Patio Will Act as the Main Gathering Spot

As any expert will tell you, building a deck or patio will also act as a main gathering spot. If you currently lack in this department or your current deck/patio just isn’t big enough for the space, a renovation project is warranted.

Access from the Home is Essential

The final tip is to ensure you have easy access to your yard from your home. This could involve installing an exterior door or sliders.

By using these tips, you’ll find that your big expansive backyard that was lacking in purpose and style will suddenly feel useable and inviting.


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