4 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Kitchen Sink

The sink is an oft-forgotten part of a kitchen remodel. Unlike cookers and refrigerators, people rarely want to spend time at the sink, and the kitchen can suffer for it. But the sink sees its fair share of use, and when looking for a new sink there are options that will make the process a more enjoyable affair.

Know Your Existing Sink

For starters your new sink is going to have to fit within the confines of your existing cabinets. The prospect of a fancy big double basin might appeal, but if you don’t have a dishwasher then you will want to have a built-in drainer to dry your dishes. A sink that matches your cutout space would be ideal but as long as you can fit the basin into the cabinet beneath you will be okay. If you want something a little different you could fit an above counter sink, provided the plumbing will allow, and this will give you more space.

Material Budget

Before you look at special features and luxury addons you should fit your budget around the best material you can afford. Choices of material abound; stainless steel is light and cheap yet durable, resin makes a cost-effective alternative to granite and quartz, glass can bring a sleek style and huge color potential, and composite quartz or granite sits at the high end of the price range due to its compounded resiliency to heat and scratches. All these materials are tried and tested to give long-lasting performance to suit all budgets.


How you maintain your sink factors into its overall durability and therefore how long it lasts without damage. When you are deciding on which material fits your budget do a bit of research on the best ways to keep each material looking its newest. Stainless steel and glass will react very differently to the same cleaning methods. In the case of certain stone and metal sinks you will need to keep up with sealants and polishes to maintain the finish and integrity of the material.


For a new sink being fitted to an existing kitchen setup you’ll want to make sure that it fits the aesthetic of the room. Weighing up the merits and prices of each style, size and material of sink should lead you towards a much smaller set of options, and once the remaining candidates fit all these criteria it’s time to pick the one that slots into your existing space seamlessly. For sleek, smooth counters and cabinets an under-counter glass or composite sink is the go-to, whereas a more rustic vintage style may call for a stone or ceramic basin.

With the range of sinks on the market widening each year, and new ideas coming through the pipeline broadening consumer options, the kitchen sink is becoming a key influence in the finish of the room. This guide to selecting a new kitchen sink should help you narrow down the process of finding the perfect sink to fit your kitchen.


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